A VERY hard day


There are days that you mark in the planning calendar as “a good day to die”. The amount of atrezzo objects and tools that we had to transport to the film set (a public park at the top of a small hill) was bigger than in all the previous recording sessions, specially due to the need of a running machine to record all the walking and running animations (so the actor doesn’t move from the center of the image).


It was a hard-to-accomplish risky operation, we did know that, not only because of the effort required to bring the machine to the top but also because the success depended on many things that could go wrong. In order to let you understand what we mean by a risk, just think about the following facts:

Since we were outdoors, we had to think of a way to provide electricity to the running machine and therefore we got a gasoline engine powerful enough and bought some fuel; the engine wasn’t ours and it was old, so we didn’t know how it was going to perform. The eight cameras are always a risk, if just one of them fails (it oscillates too much because of the wind, the video gets corrupted, etc.) then everything is useless. Apart from that, it was the first day we hired a female model that we hadn’t met in person before. We didn’t know what to expect from her, we didn’t know even if she was either going to be punctual or backing out at the very last moment. On top of all of those things, it was a very windy day


Fortunatelly, everything went smooth. Sofia arrived on time and we discovered a professional and easy-to-work-with person that adapted to every situation. The engine worked perfectly and all the cameras stayed on during the full session. We hadn’t enough time to film all the animations we wanted (we’re limited by the lifetime of the batteries of the cameras) but it’s ok, and we had counted on that so we plan a second session.

As an anecdote, we have to tell that not everything was that “””easy”””. Some minutes after we finished the session, a gust of wind made the airbed fly and hit one of the camera tripods… pushing it forward and making the camera crash into the ground. Our shouts were heard from the North Pole. We were tired but satisfied, the huge effort was worthy until that freaking moment. The fastener of the camera was broken although we fixed it so it can still do its task and the micro-SD card was out of the slot. No visible damages in the camera. Once at home, when copying the content of the memory cards one by one, we realized the horror: the video file was corrupted due to the hit. Curses everywhere, despondency… But there’s something we have always in mind when working on this project: never give up. It turns out these are wonderful times in which wonderful people make wonderful MP4 repairing tools. And voilà! After a long search and after testing many programs we got the file (and our smile) back. Everything wasn’t in vain.


Sometimes we wonder if we are overcomplicating everything. Couldn’t we just do as all the other 2D game developers and draw the animations of just a few frames, based on either a 3D model or the artist’s imagination? No, we couldn’t, because then we would be doing just another 2D game, we wouldn’t be adding anything new, we would be repeating what others already did in the hope that we will magically be preferred by the people. And more important for us, it would be boring.

In next posts we’ll share some new concept art and will dig a bit into the world of Blue Heaven. Have a nice weekend!

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