Letter to P4TR1C14

Terracon Inc. State Printing center
At The Source, May the 15th 221st year a.F.
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Content author: EXT S4MU3L 4M1D4S

Hi P4TR1C14, I have finally arrived in The Source, and in one piece which is saying a lot.

The train is a wonderful machine, it is faster than what I have ever imagined. The trip was really comfortable until we stopped at The Nexus. There I left the train with the aim of taking another one, going through a customs house where they frisked all my body. I am not going to talk about the details but it was very unpleasant. They said scanners were not working while I was seeing how the rest of the people were passing through them with no issues. I had to give a lot of explanations about what was I going to do in The Source and what were my tools for. I made the most of staying there and changed my credits to emblems; the amount of money they gave me in return, putting the commission aside, did not match up with the value they wrote in the poster, I think they swindled me out. Once all that torment finished, I bought another ticket and waited at the platform outside. I did not dare to ask why there were corpses hung on the upper footbridge that goes across the tracks, tied by their wrists and without lower extremities. The price for printing a photo here is prohibitive, I will show it to you when I am back.

An unintelligible notice came from the speakers, supposedly to tell us about the arrival of the train which appeared one minute later with a strident squeal produced by the breaks, caressing the guts of the hanging cadavers. The people crowded together at the doors like if a fire surrounded us; I think it is unbelievable that nobody fell down to the rails. The journey from then on had nothing to do with the previous one. A lot of scum of all kind entered to my coach and they brought a nauseating smell with them, you cannot get an idea; it was not because of the lack of hygiene typical of these lands, I swear it smelled like if a traveler was being devoured by the gangrene. And not only that, the warm sunbeams that seep through the iron bars of the windows were eclipsed by dirty people with worn-out clothes, suddenly the coach turned dark. I would have loved to sleep during the journey but I did not trust those bandits; besides, the noise they made when talking was wrecking my nerves. They shouted stupidities about elections of their government, about which candidate was better than the other and who were they voting for. I am glad that their weapons were confiscated in the customs house (it seems they put them in a separate coach), I saw some of them moving the hand to their belt with the aim of gutting the person in the opposite “bloc”. Blessed be our President who frees us from these rivalries among people of the same country. I do not want to imagine what kind of decisions could this mob make through their vote.

To top it all, a problem arised in the middle of the route related to a wild tribe, I could barely deduce something from people’s comments. Right when I was interested in what they were saying they agreed to be quiet and talk whispering. The situation seemed serious, I heard several shots and hits on the roof of our coach. I was not able to see anything through the windows, full of curious heads. After some tense minutes, the train resumed the march and some hours later we arrived at the station of The Source, safe and sound. For a moment I thought God had deprived me to have the opportunity to honor him with my job. I will do my best not to disspoint any of you. Neither God, owner of our wisdom; nor the President, our guide to glory; nor you, the star that orients me even in the blackest nights.

See you soon.

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