Letter to F4B14N

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At The Source, May the 18th 221st year a.F.
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Content author: EXT S4MU3L 4M1D4S

Hi F4B14N.

I hope you have recovered from your migraines. I suppose that P4TR1C14 told you about my journey by train, what a hell! Although I guess it is better and cheaper than one of those electric caravans. Do not think that the situation got better after leaving the train. My nose, which had already got used to the stench in the interior of the coach, got shocked when I inhaled the turbid air coming from the near factories. Fortunately that stinky billow is less thick as one moves to the South of the city.

The day was getting dark when I arrived but, when I left the station, it was like if the night fell suddenly, the huge buildings projected their infinite shadows on the asphalt, preventing even the most elusive ray of light from seeping among them. It turns out paradoxical that, being it the Reactor District where, indeed, there is an unbihexium reactor and the extractor which I have to visit, they have so few lights throughout the avenues. The environment was a bit oppressive and hostile, there are people laying down on the streets, covered with grime, drinking or injecting themselves in view of everybody. Some alleys are used as pissers, and I have seen even excrements. I almost fall down when I stumbled over a corpse, due to the lack of light. It is another world, nothing to do with our home. In their favor I have to say that the people do not look depressed in general but the opposite. Somehow they have developed an innate skill to transform their filth into their strength. This can even be observed before entering the city: their border walls are neither made of steel nor rock, they are ruins! They use entire buildings, demolished in the right direction, as a defense! Can you believe it?

I walked for a while searching for an inn until I stumbled upon some kind of boulevard full of bars, shops and brothels. It was like if all the lights they did not use in the rest of streets had been put in that one. There were a lot of people celebrating and drinking. My curiosity defeated my prudence and I entered one of those bars, which had a green neon above the iron door, imitating a snake. It seems that writing the name of the stores is not a habit here. What I found inside was a bit grotesque: there was a young man sat on a table, apparently a slave, to whom a group of men was forcing to look upside, with a funnel in the mouth in which they spilled drinks of all kind; as far as I deduced, the fun was in betting how long was the young going to support that before puking, although there were bets about whether he was to be in coma or was going to die. So, they were preparing cocktails in turns, paid by themselves, including the owner of the poor man, cheered on, of course, by the holder of the bar. In case you are curious, a one-eyed man with almost no teeth won, when the young man threw out even his gastric acids like if he was a fountain. I even had to clean some spatters in my boots, and I was standing on the bar.

When the fun was over they began to argue and I, tired of the insistent questions of the waiter bout my origin, left that place quickly before they drew their swords. Idiot of me, I did not bring the saber you gifted me, so I better avoid these situations. Some well-built men, with a scruffy appearance but very armed, entered when they heard the dispute. I only knew later that they are the authority here, a kind of mercenaries salaried by the government.

During my conversation with the waiter I could figure out how the lodging business works in this place. Apparently, the majority of the buildings are empty, they have no owner, and people occupy them as they wish. The man was very clear: if you can defend yourself, just choose the flat you like the most; otherwise, pay for your security in one of the guarded buildings. Obviously I preferred to pay, I had had enough adventures so far, and certainly I have been doing well there despite the shouts of the neighbors. I gave the guard an extra for him to get another mattress for me to put it over the other I already had so I was farther from the floor.

I have to leave you now, I have so much work to do, I will tell you how was my visit to the brothels (not even a word to P4TR1C14). And do not worry about your order, I have already compared prices and the 10 milligrams doses are much cheaper than there, as you said.

Regards and get better with the help of God.

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