Thanks everybody!

Hi everybody!

At this point it is pretty obvious that we are not achieving our goal. As you know, our development team is formed by only 3 people. We had enough money for just 6 months of development (starting from scratch) and we tried very hard to deliver the maximum content possible to the Kickstarter campaign in order to let you all have an idea of how the game would look like if we continued working on it. We failed to do so; the project was too ambitious for the resources we had, so we showed what we could. It does not matter that we worked for 16 hours every day without weekends/holidays, it does not matter how our skills are or how passionate we were, it was impossible. Now we realize.

If making a game is a huge risk by itself, we also made the mistake of trying techniques that we did not try before (like the isometric rotoscopy); we were able to make it work, but the price was much higher than what we expected. A big company can afford failed experiments or erroneous estimations, we can not.

It is sad, especially after all the sacrifice we made, but shit happens and we knew from the beginning that this could occur. We learned A LOT during all this process, many errors will not be repeated in our future projects and we can feel that we growed as professionals.

You may be wondering whether the project ends here. Yes, we do not have enough resources to continue so it is cancelled and the team will split off (we are available for hiring).

MANY THANKS to all the backers and all of you who believed in us, the people that cheered us up in the social networks, our friends, our family… You are awesome!

Brainworm Games Team

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One thought on “Thanks everybody!

  1. Maciej

    You did an awesome job, truly a shame that project had to be canceled. Nevertheless, you should be really proud of what you’ve achieved. Wish you best of luck in the next projects!


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