Here comes a new challenger!


Finally we can make it public, Blue Heaven is under development!

The idea began to germinate 1 year ago. The script was written in the following months as well as the design documentation, but until now we hadn’t completed the Brainworm Games team and got some funding to kick of the work. It’s time to push forward with all our strengths and show the world what we can do.

We’re very excited, full of moral, eager to create something new and overcome all the obstacles we find in the way. We’re consciuos that this is a very risky adventure, a high bet, but we’ve a very clear idea of what we want to achieve and we’re confident, with our feet on the ground, that WE CAN DO IT.

This is going to be our humble development log, subscribe to the RSS or follow us on Twitter to be informed of our news. We’ll try to keep it up to date, talking about what we’re doing or what issues we encounter, sharing drafts, sounds or videos, etc. Please, don’t hesitate to write comments or talk to us via Twitter, we’re pleased to answer your questions (to the extent possible) and know your opinions!

See you in next posts!