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Blue Heaven is an adults-only action-RPG mixed with Hack & Slash that tells a bloody story from the perspective of an asocial and nihilist mercenary who works enforcing the law in a decadent futuristic cyberpunk universe where good and evil are almost indistinguishable and dirty sex, deadly drugs and decomposing corpses are easy to find in the dark alleys of every metropolis. Soon he will have to leave his world behind and explore unknown lands to save by force of sword the last bit of humanity he has left, finding himself involved in a conflict of unforeseeable magnitudes.

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Have you ever imagined what would result from mixing Flashback or Another World with Fallout, adding gamepad-controlled realtime battles that include swords, rail guns and supernatural powers, everything spattered with scenes of explicit sex and cruelty? Well, we did so.

Strong points

Adult theme and narrative

We are tired of being told about new AAA games that claim to be oriented to a mature public that in the end are just movies for teenagers. Their stories are told in such a way that even the children can understand them, they do not run risks and instead try to get to the maximum range of people possible, which is normal in such kind of huge projects since they need to get big amounts of money back. We are giving up all the non-adult public, and we do not care. We dare to do what big studios cannot, we will transgress moral barriers and piss on political correctness. We do not care about your religion, your ideology, your culture or your sensitivity. It is not a matter of “breaking rules” just like a teenager would do with the aim of differentiate himself, it is just that we are going to use everything we need to tell our story, and we do not mind the consecuences.

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Isometric rotoscopied animations you have never seen before

Of course you have seen many games that show their world through an isometric (dimetric to be precise) perspective; please do not be confused with orthogonal sideways perspective (used in The Story of Thor or The Legend of Zelda). Diablo, Baldur’s Gate, Starcraft, Light Crusader, Fall Out, Planescape Torment… some of them used 3D pre-rendered animated models, others drew every frame of their sprites from scratch. Due to the limited tools and platform constraints of that time, resultant animations looked either too simple or “robotic”, not realistic. We are going to do something nobody tried before (as far as we know) which is to rescue the old technique of rotoscopy and apply it to our isometric world. Using a pixelated plain color visual aspect (like in Another World), we are going to produce realistic animations that will improve the player immersion without sacrificing the rhythm of the gameplay.

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Forceful and fast tactic combat

When we think about an isometric perspective game two things come to our mind: mouse and turns. The combat system of Blue Heaven does not use either. Forget about clicking on the screen or pausing the game, take your keyboard or gamepad and kill! Here is where the “action” word of “action-RPG” takes relevance and transforms the game into a Hack & Slash. The player has complete control of the character during combats and can choose the best strategy to beat the enemies. To achieve that, the protagonist counts with a varied arsenal: pistols, automatic rifles, grenades,  short swords, long swords, etc., and will have to make fast decisions to either jump over the enemies or take cover behind a box or a column. Yes, you have read correctly, there are covers as in 3D third person shooters like Gears of War. Finally, one of the most satisfactory things the player will be able to do is enemy execution. We are not going to spoil anything about this. We want the characters to look alive during combats, we want you to feel the hits, we want you to experience the rage!


  • Name: Blue Heaven.
  • Genre: Action-RPG / Hack & Slash.
  • Setting: Science-fiction, cyberpunk, distopic future.
  • Players: 1, single player.
  • Platforms: PC (for now).
  • Controls: A gamepad similar to XBox 360 or a keyboard.
  • Release date: 2019.


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