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logotransparentecompleto300x300We are Brainworm Games, a small Spanish start up whose purpose is to explore virgin lands that bigger companies do not dare to. We want to tell stories in a way nobody did before. We want to break walls you never thought anybody could do. We want to smash your prejudices. We want to destroy the limits of your brain.



Alejandro Villalba Ávila

Director, game designer, scriptwriter, programmer


Known as Thund in the social networks, is one of the founders of the company and programmer with 10 years of experience with C++ and more than 5 with C#. He was born in Málaga, Spain. As many others of his age, he loves videogames since he was 4, when played Super Mario Bros in the NES, which was followed by a long list of masterpieces: Megaman 3, Low Gravity Man, Blues Brothers, Ninja Gaiden 1 & 2, Gradius, Contra, Adventure Island, Gyruss, Double Dragon, Maniac Mansion, Castlevania, Excite Bike, Battletoads, Balloon Fight, Tetris, Street Fighter, Snow Bros, Bomber Man, Bionic Commando and many more.

When he was 8, Sega Megadrive arrived his home accompanied by a cartridge with 5 great games: Streets of Rage, Golden Axe, The Revenge of Shinobi, Columns and Super Hang On. And yes… World Cup Italia ’90. Among his most favorite games of all that he played next were: Sonic 1, 2, 3 & Knuckles, Streets of Rage 2, The Story of Thor (Beyond Oasis), Soleil (The Crusader of Centy), Castlevania The New Generation (Bloodlines), Flashback, Contra Hard Corps (Probotector), RangerX, Gunstar Heroes, Mortal Kombat, Light Crusader, Sparkster (Rocket Knight Adventure 2), Alisia Dragoon, Lost Vikings, Aladdin, Desert Strike, Comix Zone, Earthworm Jim, Castle of Illusion, Cool Spot, E-Swat, NBA Jam, Fifa 97, Worms, Street Fighter II, Fatal Fury 2

In the meantime, he was involved in many personal projects related to the creation of stories starring videogame characters, like Knuckles, and was keen on drawing them. Then the PC changed everything. When he was 12, his parents bought a PC (160.000 pesetas!) for his older brother, to “further his studies”, theoretically ;). Very soon, the PC was “kidnapped” by a curious pre-teenager. When he was 14 he discovered a book in a friend’s house which explained how to make games with DIV2 and the temptation to unveil the secrets of such black magic was too strong. Using a MIDI composition program called SuperCompositor, a 3D design software called Truespace 2 and Photoshop 4, he started to work on his first failure videogame, something similar to one of his favorite games of all time: Final Fantasy VII. Its main character was called Thund. Of course that game did not go far, but it was just the beginning.

He kept learning about other more modern engines like Darkbasic and Blitzbasic, and finally took the path of the wonderful/hateful C++ language, using the DirectX 8.1 and 9.0 libraries, and began to learn how videogames were really made. Algebra, trigonometry and geometry included. It was not until he was 17 when he got his own Internet connection and the learning process sped up dramatically. He learned to use 3DStudio Max 3 and FruityLoops. He passed the afternoons between doing homework and gamemastering Runequest roleplaying parties (later he wrote his own unpublished game rules book, but that is another story). Some years later, he spent the day working for a company as a programmer; during the night he worked for himself, as he used to do before.

Some years later he created the Quimera Engine open source project as an academic side project, to sum up all his knowledge. He worked on it for 5 years, managing a small team of volunteers. There he acquired experience with OpenGL 4.5, GLSL, the Data Oriented Design paradigm, low level programming and many rendering techniques; he also expanded his knowledge about engine design and framework design, compiling for different operating systems with MSBuild, GCC and CLang. Many amazing videogames forged his mind during all that time, being the most influential: FFVII, FFIX, Bioshock 1 & Infinite, Carmageddon, Battlethorne, Starcraft 1, Diablo 1 & 2, Warcraft 3, Unreal Tournament, Doom, Rise of the Triad, Duke Nukem, Monkey Island 3, Full Throttle, Z, Blade Runner, Abe’s Oddissey, Battlefield 2, Take No Prisoner, Blade The Edge of Darkness (Severance The Blade of Darkness), Castlevania Lords of Shadow, Silent Hill, Final Fantasy VI, Undertale, Super Meat Boy, Broken Sword 2, Commandos, Dark Messiah, Age of Empires, Empire Earth, Dawn of War 1, Medieval Total War, Supreme Commander, Age of Mythology, Tzar, Crusader Kings, Europa Universalis, Skyrim, Fallout 1, 3 & New Vegas, Half Life 1 & 2, Left 4 Dead 1 & 2, Portal 1 & 2, Tomb Raider 1, 2 & 3, King of Fighters 98, Little Big Adventure 2, Medal of Honor, Counter Strike 1.6, Abuse, Grim Fandango, Silver, Dungeon Keeper, Beneath a Steel Sky, Machinariuim, Another World, Sim City 2000, Theme Park, Day of the Tentacle, Diskworld 2, Fez, Metal Slug, Kabuki Klash, Pulstar, Shadow of the Colossus, Super Castlevania IV, Baldur’s Gate 2, Icewind Dale 1 & 2, Neverwinter Nights 1, Dead Space 1, 2 & 3, Hotline Miami, Planescape Torment, Dragon Age 1, Mass Effect 1, 2 & 3, Black & White, Ghost Recon 1, Need for speed, Max Payne, Might & Magic 3 & 5, Mirror’s Edge, Gears of War, Resident Evil 1 & 2, Grand Theft Auto 1 & 3, Halo, Far Cry 3, Fable, Stalker, Gothic, Alundra, Space Marine, Sacred, Oni, Soul Reaver...

His last job consisted in implementing graphic and gameplay features for an Oculus Rift VR game using Cry Engine 3 and Unreal Engine 4 at a german start up. Now, after 10 years of experience working for a bunch of enterprises, he has decided that it is time to definitely work for himself, full time, with the hope of adding something new to the videogames development scene.

Juan Carlos Moya Olea

Composer, music producer and sound designer

retradojcAll-in-one musician and one of the founders of the company that has breathed music since he was a child, when he entered the conservatory. At the same time, he practiced the guitar, the lute, the bandurria and any other thing from which he could get a sound. He was born in Málaga, Spain. He always had 2 dreams in relation to his professional career: to be a professional pianist and to be a soundtrack composer.

He kept learning to play new instruments like the saxophone, the trumpet, the electric bass, synthesizers and the drums but he did not limited himself to just playing, he also wanted to get the best quality from the sound he was recording and hence he spent most of his time learning music production. After he finished his piano studies he began his higher studies focusing on music education and psychopedagogy, as well as on a master of music research. He combined the theory of his education and the practice of his professional collaborations with many bands and singers of very different music genres like pop, rock, flamenco, copla, jazz, funky, latin music among others, both as keyboard player and as electric bass player. He also had some time for playing videogames: Monkey Island 1, 2 & 3, Heroes of Might and Magic 2, 3 & 4, and Diablo 2 count among his favorites.

He worked as a pianist in some of the hotels in the coast, dedicating his spare time to compose and produce music. But the most notable development of his composition and production skills did not happen until he worked at Melomics, a universitary (UMA) music resarch group he belongs to which has succeed to create the first computer that composes with its own music style. He played an important role in that project being responsible to develop music composition algorithms of different styles and production algorithms, among other things, so the computer could not only compose its own music but also mix and masterize its own music works.

He pays attention to any kind of music and thinks he can learn from any music genre. However, he prefers film and videogame soundtracks, symphonic music from the classicism on, progressive rock and jazz fusion. His favorite bands and artists are Bach, Beethoven, Sibelius, Hans Zimmer, Hiromi Uehara, Aziza Mustafá Zadeh, Transatlantic and Return to Forever. He has composed soundtracks for some short films and made his first videogame soundtrack for a small mobile game called “Galaxy Blast”.

After a long way, he thinks it is the moment to test himself and apply all his knowledge and experience to make the best in this project. Blue Heaven offers him all the incentives a composer could wish: different scenarios, distopic worlds, a frenetic script, a lot of action and many characters to represent through the music.

Pablo Suárez Casal

Concept artist, Pixel artist, Animator

retratopabloMultidisciplinary graphic artist who joined the team on October 2016. He was born in Santiago de Compostela, Spain, although he is living in Barcelona since 10 years ago as a result of his search for better opportunities. He has been keen on videogames and japanese animation since he was a child. His childhood was marked by games like the Super Mario World saga, Batman and Tetris, which he enjoyed in his Game Boy. Later, when he was 12, he got his first PC and took the leap to a new generation of games which he played online for years, like Starcraft, Warcraft and Counter Strike. By that time, his older brother was studying software programming and they made small games together using DIV2.

Hooked to Naruto and Bleach series during his adolescence, he finally fell in love with a Ghost in the Shell movie due to the more adult and realistic tone of the anime compared to what he had seen before. Despite his passion for animation, he studied hard to enter the university with the aim of becoming an architect but, once he was in, he felt so attracted by the audiovisual world that he could not resist. He studied “illustration and audovisuals” and worked during some years as stop-motion animator for short films and television series. At that moment he decided his goal was going to be the creation of his own short films and series using traditional animation.

He has been influenced by the hyperrealism and the barroque, as artistic references. His reference animators and authors are Mamoru Oshii, Katshuhiro Otomo, Hiroyuki Okiura, Norio Matsumoto, Mitsuo Iso, Satoshi Kon, Tetsuya Nishio, Yutaka Nakamura, Shinya Ohira, You Yoshinari and Takeshi Koike, among others. Between his favorite movies, we can find Ghost in the Shell, Akira, Evangelion, Saint Seiya, Spirited Away, Magnetic Rose, A farewell to weapons, Princess Mononoke and Paprika. Currently you can find him playing Dark Souls 1 and Battlefield 4, when he is not practicing drawing in his spare time.

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